What piece of technology can’t you imagine college life without

What piece of technology can't you imagine college life without

The past three years have been a whirlwind for college students. After spending the bulk of their schooling years in conventional lecture halls, these students found themselves in their first years of college or their senior year of high school during a once-in-a-generation pandemic that completely upended the educational paradigms we had all grown accustomed to.

Now they’re on the other side, having gained a newfound appreciation for the potential of education and an ease with previously unheard-of methods of enrolling in courses, spreading out their study, and getting themselves ready for the workforce. Virtually every college student now has the option of taking some or all of their courses online, and this versatility seems to be a major draw for today’s students.

Technology is what makes that kind of independence and adaptability possible. Without the resources that universities have made available to teachers and students, and the technology that students have purchased on their own, modern education would not be possible.

We at EdTech were curious as to which educational technologies have proven most helpful to students. So we asked three of them, all CDW interns in the academic year of 2022-23: Which piece(s) of technology do you think will be the most useful to you, or which do you feel you simply cannot do without?

Associate Professor Carianne Asberry, LSU

Associate Professor Carianne Asberry, LSU

Keeping up with work and school commitments during the academic year requires prioritising self-care and finding a healthy work-life balance. It’s not always easy to balance the need to invest in one’s own well-being with the demands of getting work done.

For this reason, Intel’s performance in powering the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 is outstanding. The state-of-the-art technology includes a touch screen and a dual-screen display that can switch between laptop power and tablet precision. Taking notes on the fly and using split-screen view to participate actively in Zoom meetings and in-class lectures is a great way to maximise the learning experience for everyone involved.

The 128 GB of storage space is great for storing photos and files, and the long-lasting battery means you can use it without an outlet during the school day. The new system makes it simpler and faster to save files in preparation for presentations and submit homework. Due to the lack of space on older laptops, I frequently have to invest in new hardware or cloud space for personal computing systems. However, the Pro 360’s in-built storage makes it effortless to store enormous files while maintaining the quality of deliverables.

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The Pro 360’s sturdy construction and spill-resistant keyboard make it ideal for late-night study sessions with a cup of coffee and some snacks to keep me awake. I have lost countless documents and ruined numerous pieces of electronic equipment due to careless actions. Now that I know this, I don’t have to worry when my dog slobbers and wants to cuddle on the couch during nap time.

Professor of English at Arizona State University, Dylan Castro


Professor of English at Arizona State University, Dylan Castro
Technology has become so pervasive in modern life that it is essentially indispensable. It is easy to assume that everyone has a smartphone, smart TV, or laptop because of recent events like the pandemic. As a result of technological advancements, people are now able to complete tasks faster and more accurately than ever before.

A necessity since starting college has been my Apple iPad. My current device is an 11-inch iPad Pro with Wi-Fi, cellular data, and 256GB of storage. Its A12X Bionic chip makes it ideal for demanding computing jobs and gives it lightning-fast performance.

Together with my MacBook Pro in Sidecar, this chip’s power becomes immediately apparent. By using Sidecar, my iPad can be transformed into a second screen, which is especially useful when I’m on campus and need to get some work done.

In addition to an iPhone and MacBook Pro, I also use AirPods. By utilising the iPad and Apple’s built-in Handoff feature, you can effortlessly multitask between your devices and never fall behind again. Through AirDrop, I can send different files to any of my devices, and I can sync my notes across all of them.

Notability is my go-to app for taking notes in meetings and classes. To organise my lectures, conferences with clients, and daily life, I use it constantly.

Right now, I’m making use of a second-generation Apple Pencil to take notes and make changes to PDFs. Being left-handed, I find this to be an excellent tool for efficiently recording and organising my ideas and thoughts while working or attending school. Notability makes it simple to import PDFs, Microsoft PowerPoint files, and articles for direct annotation. Since Notability is available for both the Mac and the iPhone, I can always get to my notes whenever I need them.

I use my iPad to relax by drawing and watching videos on YouTube when I’m not working or studying. It’s incredible that it allows me to use my imagination while still having the processing power of a computer. Every day, the tablet continues to amaze me with its versatility and the progress I make because of it. It’s a helpful resource that more people in the workforce and in educational institutions should be making use of.

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