Romania’s first Center for Lifestyle Medicine is opened by MedLife

Romania's first Center for Lifestyle Medicine is opened by MedLife.

The Center for Lifestyle Medicine – Better Me, the first medical facility in Romania with this profile, has officially opened, according to renowned private healthcare provider MedLife. The local centre will reportedly become one of the first certified locations of its kind in Europe after accreditation, according to the company.

Nutrition, psychology, somnology, physical activity, addictions, and mindfulness are just a few of the medical and non-medical specialties that the Center for Lifestyle Medicine actively promotes as having a direct impact on lifestyle. Therefore, a thorough evaluation of these parameters, as well as customised intervention plans and monitoring, can benefit patients in an integrated circuit.

Romania's first Center for Lifestyle Medicine is opened by MedLife

The center’s staff includes nutritionists, physicians with expertise in sleep medicine, gastroenterologists, cardiologists, and mental health experts, as well as physicians who specialise in sports medicine and physiotherapy.

Atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, hepatic steatosis, prediabetes, diabetes, dyslipidemias, endocrine disorders, and other pathologies are some of the conditions that the Better Me centre treats, in addition to healthy individuals who wish to change their lifestyle.

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“The World Health Organization estimates that lifestyle-related diseases account for 80% of all recorded deaths in Europe and are currently the leading cause of mortality and disability worldwide. Obesity and overweight are more common than 50% in Romania, despite the fact that suggestions for a healthy lifestyle have been debated for a long time in the scientific community “said Dr. Anca Hâncu, director of the MedLife Lifestyle Medicine Center and general secretary on the board of the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization and representative of Romania (ELMO).

For the prevention, treatment, or remission of chronic diseases, she said, “lifestyle medicine involves the use of lifestyle-related therapeutic approaches, such as balanced diet, regular physical activity, sleep quality, stress management, and avoiding the consumption of risky substances.”

The field of lifestyle medicine is beginning to gain traction on a global scale. Institutions for specialised care and counselling are developed, and within them, certain illnesses’ prevention, treatment, and even remission are carried out based on lifestyle choices.

According to MedLife, lifestyle medicine is based on empirical research, accepted medical standards, meta-analyses, and, when necessary, pharmacological or surgical interventions.

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